Kids Grow Up

Yesterday my Daughter moved out of the house.

Nothing bad, we didn’t tell her to leave, we didn’t push her out, she just decided that it was time to take that step and live on her own.

So, today as I continue to pass by her room, everything is gone.



Her bed

The pictures and items that were on her wall

The collection of Disney pins from our trips there.

The odd items she kept in various places around the room

The toys she once played with or put together

The airplane that she made and hung from the ceiling

The snow board, airsoft “stuff”, Alexa etc..


The room is empty.


This is the “normal” way of life. The kids you bring into this world cannot stay with you. If they do it limits their potential. Up unto this point we were her life. Everything we did she was part of it in one way or another. In living with us she could only expand her existence to the barriers of our existence. In moving out we are shifting from being the “center of her life” to being just one part of it. She will now experience things that we will not experience, but only hear about. She will have friends we may never meet – and some we will.

The room is empty –

She took everything with her…

things that represent memories of her last 21 years of life…

but now…

in this next stage…

she will collect new things that will represent memories of the expanded world she has now stepped into.

Memories she will make without us around… to guide and protect.


I pray…

Harder than I ever have before.

I ask God to keep her and sustain her.

I’m asking for protection from things and people in this world that would harm her. That God would send an extra 10,000 angles to guard her every where she goes.

I’m asking God to help her continue in the Faith and not waver and prevent her from wavering. That the devil will not be given the opportunity to take her down paths she should not go down.

I’m praying that if she watches something that is unholy she will feel the Holy Spirits conviction and will decide on her own not to watch that stuff any more.

I’m praying that her language and actions will continue to honor God and bring him glory.

I am praying that a godly man will come into her life, and he will lead her closer to God. That they will fall in love.

I am praying that she will own the outgoing nature that God has gifted her with and not suppress it.

I’m praying that God will bless her relationships. And each one will just be another light that will lead her toward a closer relationship with Jesus.

I’m praying that she will focus on others and help people in their walk with Christ. That she will figure out the amazing freedom of living beyond herself by serving others.

I’m praying she will stay focused on her schooling. And end with straight A’s – something she is more than capable of doing.

I’m praying that the Bible will become more and more precious to her. That when she reads it God reveals himself to her and draws her close to Him.

I’m praying and praying, then praying again.

The room is empty

But that just means there is more life ahead to experience to the fullest…

For her


For US.

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