I think

but don’t take me wrong…

that some people never think about heaven until someone passes away.

I think

but don’t take me the wrong way…

that some people talk about heaven when a love one passes more than that loved on did while they were here on earth.

I know

yes I know

that not everyone goes to heaven when they die.

I know

yes I know because the Bible teaches it.

I know

yes I know

The only way someone gets to heaven is if they receive Jesus as their Savior.

and that’s the only way you get there…

it’s not good deeds

being a good person

it’s not because some how God understands the person didn’t want to receive Jesus in this life but realizes that was a mistake in the afterlife..

it’s not because other people loved the person or how bad they want that person to be there that gets people into heaven.

It is only through Jesus – putting your faith in Him.

He took our punishment for our sins on the cross…

so we ask Him to forgive us for our sins…

He rose from the dead three days latter…

so we ask Him to save us.

We put our faith in Him and once we do that we know for sure we will go to heaven when we die.

That is the only way to heaven.

If you are a person who is reading this and you currently don’t care anything thing about heaven, but for some odd reason you are reading this post… please don’t wait till you die for others to talk about heaven for you. Because it doesn’t matter if they do at that point. “Them” talking you into heaven doesn’t get you there. Take a moment to think and talk about it now, and receive Jesus as your Savior. He loves you and wants that relationship with you. If you do that then you will find yourself talking about heaven more than you ever have…

and when your life finally ends the people around you will know…

you are really there

because you talked about heaven more than they are currently.

But more importantly, because that conversation included Jesus, and the gospel message and how it changed and saved your soul.

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