Day 28

Everything is connected. How you live today will affect how you will live tomorrow. It will affect how you feel about things, and your reaction to things. It determines what type of challenges you will face on a given day.

There are two ways people approach their days.

Some are looking over their shoulders to see if what they did in their past is going to catch up with them today.

Some are able to live with the boldness of knowing they did things right and stayed out of trouble. They are not worried about things catching up with them, because they haven’t done anything wrong. They are able to live with a boldness that isn’t worried about things catching up with them because they have stayed away from evil.

This is what 28:1 is talking about. “The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a Lion.”

This verse is about conscience. The first line describes the person with a defiled conscience. When a person’s conscience is defiled their minds run wild with paranoia. The sins that have been committed hounds them and they wonder when and how those evil acts will catch up with them. Therefore, if there is even a hint of trouble… “they run even when no one is pursuing.”

The contrast is the person with a clean conscience. He can look to the future without a worry of the past. He can stand on a hill, as bold as a Lion, ready to face the obstacles and opportunities that come his way. He has nothing from his past to worry about.

So live today with wisdom, walking with the wise in the righteousness of God and you will become as bold as a lion, looking ahead without a worry about things catching you from your past.

What did you see from the passage?

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