Day 12

Booty… love that word in 12:12! It brings with it a sense of piracy… Yo Ho and a Bottle of Rum. Captain Jack Sparrow… savvy?

Booty comes from a word that means net. Here the implication is “that which is caught in ones net”. When we cast a net we are taking in things that we did not produce. We are taking things that are not ours and making ourselves the owners of said items. Thus booty.

“The wicked man desires the booty of evil men” (12:12) He desires to take from the “wealth” of evil men and make it his own. He desires to take it to satisfy his need to have it.

So he looks at what other evil men have and devises ways he can take it from them. Why does he do this? Because he is wicked and he cannot produce things on his own. He lives in a world where “he with the most toys wins”.

But the righteous man does not have a need to take anything from anybody.


His righteousness has a root system thats produces fruit, on its own, and it is fruit that lasts. In fact the person who walks in righteousness yields rewards that are great and lasting. Rewards that cannot be taken away from him… they will never become someone else’s booty.

Are you a taker or a producer? What pathway do you follow?

What did you see from the passage?

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