Day 9

How many times… How many times?

How many times have I been in a situation where… I just could not keep my mouth shut and I corrected a scoffer and should not have?

Many… to many.

I knew I should hold back but the words just exploded from my lips, my thoughts excaped in sound wave form hitting the ears of a scoffer and then it was on.

Dishonor abounded and hate was flung in my direction. (7:7)

It is hard not to speak when an idiot is in your presence… but it is the wise thing to do.

On the other hand… how many times have I had a conversation with someone who was seeking an answer to their struggle and they willingly took the advice and made changes in their lives as a result?

Just as many.

These are the times you rejoice and your friendship with that person goes deeper. (9:7-8)

But what happens when someone gives me instruction, says something to me that I need to hear?

I’m not talking about those that just let the allegations fly, because they are trying to discredit me in front of other people, while hurting me at the same time. The Lord himself hates that attitude (Proverbs 6)

I’m talking about the person who pulled me aside… privately… (Its not going any further than “us”).. and they say something, give a word of instruction that cuts to the depth of my soul.

Do I scoff?
Do I hate them in return?
Do I discredit what they are saying?
or do I do the things that are harder then scoffing , hating, and discrediting… Do I hear it… internalize it… make adjustments in my life and love them for bringing it up?

The later is what the person of wisdom does… for if we are truly pursuing wisdom we appreciate those who give us a word of wisdom from time to time. (9:8b-12)

What did you see from the passage today?

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