Day 8

Wisdom is available…

and you do not have to go to a monastery or a hill (to be quite on) to find it.

Wisdom is actually making noise, it is calling and it is loud.

Will you answer? (8:1)

It calls you in the work place, in your car as you drive home, when you clean, when you are at church…

it calls every where you turn and…

it calls to all mankind, great and small. (8:2-4)

The question is not, where to find it…

the question is: will you take it as it cries out to you? (8:10)

Taking means you accept it.  If you decide not to, and you decide to do things your own way,  foolishness has become your guide.  To not take wisdom and live by it is to choose to live your own way and head down a path of destruction.

Why would you do that when…

wisdom is available?

We can hear it all day long, but merely hearing wisdom’s cries will not prevent us from harm.  It is only when we open our hearts and take (receive) wisdom’s instruction that we begin to head down the road of…


Are you open enough to take wisdom’s instruction?

Do you look for ways to do things better, to live better, to follow God better?

Do you listen to learn or do you listen to disagree?

The question is not, where can I find wisdom…

for it has already found you.

The question is, will you take it to heart as it calls out to you? Will you take it and allow it to mold you each day?

It’s up to you.

(BTW – 8:10’s is a command to take it as it calls, to not take it is disobedience)

What did you see in the passage today?  What verse stood out to you?

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