Day 2

These verses struck me, not sure why…. but they stood out none the less…. “To deliver you from the way of evil, from the man who speaks perverse things;those who leave the paths of uprightness to walk in the ways of darkness” (2:12-13)

I want to be delivered… from the way of evil… from people who do not guard what they say. It is these voices, this sort of “miss” information that leads us into darkness. A darkness that is so black we believe the bad things we hear and it curves the way we think and destroys our relationships.

This information continues because the ones we have listened too “delight in doing this evil” and rejoice in the destruction that happens as a result (2:14).

But if we become attentive to wisdom, and seek to understand in a way where we can discern, we will see through those whose purpose is to tear down others. We will see the lack of the guarding of the tongue. We will see the foolish sayings we have given an ear too and see those words for what they are… folly.

That is a treasure worth seeking for, hidden as it may be. (2:4)

Do you seek wisdom in every situation like you would if you were looking for Silver that you knew was there, or a hidden treasure you would have to follow a map to find? A map that would keep you from “deceptive” hiding places, and point you to the real treasure… life.

Wisdom is more of a guard rail for us, it keeps us away from the dangerous terrain of ruin and on the path of justice, equity, and righteousness. It keeps us on a very good course. (2:10)

So be careful today… who you listen to. Ask God for wisdom to process any information you receive… He will probably tell you to listen to the other side(s) of the issue.

Now I know this chapter speaks also about foolish actions we are to avoid and the benefits of seeking wisdom… but I can’t cover everything.

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