Behold (D17)

Just 8 more Days til Christmas…

8 more days.

There has been a lot of prep around here for that day. The house is decorated both inside and out. We are planning out what meals we will have on Christmas Eve and on Christmas. When and where we will be at doing those festive days and then of course the plans for Christmas Communion at church on the 23rd.

Then there is gift giving!

It has been a pleasure to buy things for people I love. It always is. The people who are closest to me and bring me joy during the year, my wife, my kids, my parents, etc… all people who are very easy to get gifts for.

But there are people I would never buy gifts for, even though the Bible says to love your enemies and the people who hate you, it never says we have to buy them gifts at Christmas time. There are people in all of our lives that have been very toxic and even though we have forgiven them we are not going to, nor are we required to run out and buy a Christmas gift for them.

They are against us, and have disrespected us, so…

“No Gift for You!” ( use the voice of the soup Nazi)


God gave us a gift when we were His enemies. You can say He bought it for us and then gave it to us freely while we were disrespecting Him with our lives.

He should have treated us like we treat “those” people at Christmas time we would never get a gift for…

but He didn’t.

While the world was in darkness He came and shown His light for all to see.

A gift in a manger…

A light for a world walking in darkness to see.

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