Letter 21

Have you ever had that moment where you are trying to do something and you just can’t get to it because of interruptions?

It might be a movie you are trying to finish,

A project at your house that you started but just can’t back too.

It may be that you have been so busy and you finally get some time free to spend with your spouse and the phone rings, someone stops by your house, a text comes through an unfortunately you look at it and its something you have to handle and so that free time goes out the window… or its something your spouse has to handle and that free time goes out the window?

Have you ever needed to leave a place and you kept getting stopped by people and issues as you were trying to make your exit. Someone begins crying their heart out to you and it would be rude to cut them off, or something happens that needs to be fixed before you can move on with a good conscience? Then as a result of dealing with those interruptions you missed the thing you were trying to get to?

Those times are frustrating…

very frustrating.

And I think that is the point, well at least one of them, that Lewis is trying to make here.

If the enemy can convince us our time is our own and no one else’s. If he convinces us that we own our time and no one else does then he has opened the door to frustrate us too no end by making sure interruptions come, and come again.

The fact is, we do not own our time, or our schedule. It is a gift from God and a gift from Him alone. This means we need to manage it to the best of our ability and at the same time be ok with interruptions to our plans that God might send our way and not get frustrated by them.

Yes, there are two people that send interruptions into our schedule. Satan and God. Not all interruptions are Divine moments we should stop and take notice of. Sometimes they are sent by the enemy to keep us from a Divine moment by sending an interruption, and other times the enemy pushes us to be frustrated at Divine interruptions so we will miss the opportunity God has sent our way.

The first step in responding correctly to interruptions and well laid plans is to live with the attitude that this moment is a gift from God and He can change those plans or allow us to keep them.

The second is to pray that when God sends a Divine interruption you will be able to recognize it and when other interruptions come that are distractions you will be able to quickly identify them as such so you can stay focused on what He wants you to do with the gift of time He gave you for this moment.

The third thing is to act accordingly. When you have the attitude that someone else is in control of what happens to you today, meaning God, and you have the determination to follow His lead not only will you remain in His will for that day but you will frustrate the enemy to no end, for that is when you become an unstoppable force to them.

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