Letter 1

First – I decided this morning to change the names of these post from The Playbook ____ (part 1, 2, 3 etc…) to Letter ____ (1, 2, 3, etc…). That said…

Isn’t it interesting that jargon not facts (arguments) is what the enemy wants people to be focused on. This book which was written long before 2020 shows that even then what we consider to be “News Outlets” was part of a strategy to change the thought processes of people from facts to jargon. We do not have time to unpack jargon here but we will say the path way to that type of thinking is start with a shocking title an then proceed with a type of writing that will create strong emotion. Not about facts but about a certain moral interpretation of those facts. A morality that isn’t based on scripture but instead on a morality that has its roots in the human condition.

If you haven’t realized it already, there is a science that is based on facts and research and there is another type of science that is based on theory. The enemy wants people to concentrate on the type that is based mostly on theory and he wants people to view those theories as facts. Making a theory look like a fact is the only way to explain away the existence of God because the facts show that He is real. So even in the science world there is “jargon”. Jargon that leads people astray.

However, for me the main take away today is how the enemy distracts us from focusing on God. Where as I am saved, there are times when I have been deep in thought and meditating on something scriptural that an interruption occurs out of no where (just like while I was writing this paragraph my phone rang, I answered it but no one was there) and gets me off track. Sometimes to the point I cant recover what I was thinking about thus preventing me from picking up where I left off.

Be careful today when you are having your quite time to make sure it stays quite while you are doing it. Give time for God to work in your heart and resist the temptation to pause and do other things. For it is those things the enemy may have placed in your mind to prevent you from getting to the knowledge and wisdom God was leading you too.

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10a

Watch out for these types of “good” distractions as well. Read Luke 10:39-42

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