It is Monday Morning, well at least the end of it. I have had a pretty productive morning and currently I’m sitting here in my office with Chris Rice playing in the background. There are tons of thoughts going through my mind some that deal with recent revelations and others that deal with the blessings of God. I have prayed but not read my Bible today. I have taught 3 lessons but have yet to study for future sermons. I have contacted several people about various things but have yet to catch a few people I am trying to reach. I sit here at the end of a Monday morning, just taking a moment to breathe.

My wife this past Christmas bought me an Apple Watch. One of the apps that came on the watch was a breathe app. When I first saw this I thought it was crazy. Why would anyone need an app to tell them when to breathe? I still do not understand it but what I do know is if I take a moment periodically to pause and breathe my day goes much better. If I take a moment to turn everything off in my mind concerning what I need to do, and I breathe, the rest of the day goes much better. In fact, when I do stop for a moment and rest a minute then get back to what I need to be doing. I work better than if I just pushed through. It’s crazy how this works because in my mind it’s a waste of time to stop when I could be doing something or finishing something, but in reality it’s a waste of time not to stop.

So, I do not know what kind of Monday you are having today, but I’m sure you are busy trying to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Things are pressing and they NEED to get done. I get it. Just do yourself a favor… plan a few moments to breathe today then get back to work and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel about the day you are going through.

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