Adam and Eve

We all think that Adam and Eve made it to heaven. I hope they did. But I wonder what it was like to watch your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren, great great great grandchildren, great great great great grandchildren, great great great great great grand children and great great great great great great grandchildren struggle with something you could have prevented… Sin.

For 930 years Adam (and maybe Eve depends on when she died) watched the “good kids” that were trying to follow God and the “bad kids” were not going to follow God. They watched as their “seemingly insignificant act “of disobedience to God became detrimentally significant. I would imagine their sorrow over this was very heavy.

I know in my own life when I have seen my kids do some of the things I have done wrong, attitudes or actions, it tears my heart apart that I have passed that on to them. I am sure that Adam and Eve felt the same way but maybe worse. That said, here are a few things for us parents to remember…

  1. If you are still doing the same sins you have always done – give up on those sins today. Put them in your past, do the work to overcome them and put them out of your life once and for all. Jesus is on your side in this task!
  2. Watch your kids closely and when you see that they are close to falling into things that you know are not good for them, things that you have done, pull them aside and talk to them about it and encourage them not to go in that direction. You do not have to tell them all of your secrets but in wisdom give them guidance and understanding about that particular path.
  3. When they fall into the somethings you have done, approach them with Grace and Mercy. Keep in mind how God has responded to you in your failures and use that as a heart guide for how to handle the current situation. I’m not saying do not punish them, but I am saying be careful to not over do it.
  4. Do what you can to prevent them from having the chance to do wrong. I am not talking about taking stuff away from them but I am talking about doing things like, activities (you spending time with them), not leaving them in situations where they have a chance to fall including leaving them home alone, parties, what you watch with them on TV or in the movies etc…. If there is a situation that comes up in a movie/tv a quick “It is wrong to do that” is a reminder to them of what is right and wrong. Different ages require this at different levels.
  5. Pray and then Pray again.

One thought on “Adam and Eve

  1. Very wise post, Phillip! Thanks for reminding parents and also grandparents about the significant role we play in the lives of the children around us. Society will never leave them alone and will always be ready with advice., We should be at the helm as much as possible!.

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