To Tithe or Not To Tithe?

It has been a while since I have listened to or had a discussion with someone about tithing. Is it Biblical? Is it meant for the church today? Do I as a believer have to give a tenth of my income to the church because we are no longer under the law? Is that 10% taken from gross or net?

It seems that in scripture tithing has always been part of what a believer( in the one true God) does. Even before the law we see people like Abraham giving a tenth of what he has “earned” or “conquered” back to God.

“…and Abram gave him a tenth of everything” Genesis 14:20b

This means Abram who was not under the law because he existed before it was established, gave a tenth back to God. There wasn’t a qualifying question of net or gross. There wasn’t a question of “if it was biblical or not”. There was only” this is what I do because this is what God requires”. How did Abram know it was required? We are not sure, but what we do know is this man of faith made giving to God part of his life.

So fast forward to the New Testament where we see other people doing the same sort of thing that Abram does but with one exception. They seem to always give more than a tithe. In fact a strong case can be made that they viewed a tithe (which is 10%) as a minimum guideline because they gave way above and beyond 10%. The pattern of giving in the New Testament can only be described as sacrificial. The widow who gave in the temple is commended not because she gave what was required but because she gave more than was required… much more.

If we are honest, the reason people ask the questions they do about giving has more to do with personal trust than whether or not the “bible really teaches it”. Will God really take care of me if I give like I am suppose too? Do I trust him enough to take care of my family if I obey Him and give like I am suppose too?

…and the answer to those last questions will not be found in the Bible. They are found in your “checkbook”.

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