The Plan

I haven’t written in a while on this blog. I’m sure there are reasons for that – HAHA – but I am going to attempt to get back to it. That’s the plan anyway.

Sometimes I look back on post and realize there are misspellings or there was some sort of grammatical error. I do have friends of mine that read a post and then send me corrections from time to time – that is awesome. But I do not want my weakness in that area to be a hinderance to the message of that particular post, so I guess I am saying that fear has entered into the equation and fear is sometimes paralyzing. It would be nice to say I haven’t had time, and there are times that is true… but not really. In life you and I both know we make time for what is important to us. Regardless if you have a plan or not. If things come up all the time that prevent me from doing things, it is the selfish desire to be needed that causes me to jump and run out of time. Which also means that blogging was never important in the first place so I quit planning to do it and the plan became busyness rather than focus, and thats a bad plan…

Sometimes I have nothing to say… nothing. Or better yet I feel like I have nothing of value to say, or better yet I feel like the blog post will not get enough hits. So the plan becomes what can I write about that will get an amazing amount of hits. People will surely click from Facebook or Twitter on the topic of this blog and there will be a lot of hits. So the Plan becomes writing about what would be the most popular thing to read about and that is also a bad plan. The truth is I aways have something to write going on in my mind, I just have to do it. If people read it great, if they understand it even better but to write in order to get an amazing amount of hits adds too much pressure to the writing process and plays with the ego. It’s just a bad plan…

So the plan is to take sometime each day and write… “something”. And to be honest I need to write for psychological purposes as strange as that may sound it’s true. Sometimes the thing I want to write about I can’t because it is fueled by a current situation I am experiencing, some of those situations because I am a pastor are very confidential. I know this sounds crazy but when I counsel I feel for the individual I am trying to help and good writing comes from emotion and sometimes the way I feel concerning what to write has prevented me from writing because I could not park it long enough to write about something else and it is a good plan not to write during those times. But even so – with a little work I could work around all of that and that is what I plan to do.

So just incase you are reading this thinking I am talking to you in this post, I’m not talking to you at all in this one. (of course I just addressed you right there huh?) I’m really talking to myself… this is a post to say the plan is to write something each day that is on my mind… no matter how shallow – mediocre – or profound. Because for my own personal sanity I need a hobby, an outlet if you will or I’m going to go crazy.

So until next time…

That’s the plan.

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