Church Center App Download

Announcing something  INCREDIBLE – STUPENDOUS – AMAZING….

Our church – FARMINGTON BAPTIST – now has an APP for your phone! (unless you have a flip phone from the 90s)

Here is what the Church Center APP does for you:

Manage your Groups 

The APP allows you to keep track of all the groups you are part of in the church.   If you are part of a Bible study group, small group, leadership group, Take it to the Streets group (outreach), or a volunteer,  the APP helps you know when important dates are, including meetings and events.   Also, if you have been looking for a way to get connected and involved, the APP shows you the various groups you can get involved with.  Once you find a group you either want to be a part of or want more information about, just click “Ask to Join”  and we will follow up with you.  It’s that simple!

Quicker Check-In

The APP helps with a quicker Check-In process for your children.  When you arrive at church, tap the “Check-In” button, select the child or children you are checking in, then click “Next”. Then simply, walk up to the Children’s Check-In station,  hold your phone over the station’s iPad and BOOM – your Check-In  stickers print!

Manage Personal Information

The APP allows you to keep your contact information current with the church.  You can create a profile picture, change your phone number/address, and update any changes like changing phone carriers or moving to another home. And remember, all contact information is confidential. We have taken measures to make sure it is safe.

See All FBC Events

The APP also has a list of Church Events that are coming up so you’ll never miss any of the exciting things we have going on at FBC.   Most events are for informational purposes only, but from time to time when we have an event, like Summer Spectacular (July 14-17), it allows you to register your child for that event right there on your phone!

So how do you get this wonderful – awesome – incredible APP?

Go to the APP store on your phone. Look up Church Center. Download the app and follow the log-in instructions.   

It’s that simple. 

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