and Here We Go…

I was reading the story of Moses’ call to go back to Egypt. It’s quite remarkable. Here is a murderer who is summed by God to be part of a story that literally would be referred to through out the whole Bible and would be celebrated each year by the Jews. None of that of course Moses knew at the time. All he knew was Yahweh was calling him to do something and he was a bit concerned about doing it. So after a bit of Divine arm twisting Moses set out on his journey to the land of Egypt.

The people were absolutely excited when he got there. They had been praying for deliverance and here before them was the deliverer they had asked for. They Bible says that they bowed their heads and worshiped the God who had heard their prayers. They were excited and hopeful.

But the first meeting didn’t go so well with Moses and Pharaoh. In fact, it went so bad that Pharaoh made it harder on the Israelites to do their work. This caused them additional pain and toil. They didn’t appreciate this change for the worst at all. So they came to the one they were thankful for just a few days before and they complained.

They complained because they expected something different. They expected the result of Moses approaching Pharaoh to be an instant improvement…. but it wasn’t… because God rarely flips a switch to change a situation. Generally He takes His time in dealing with it because there is a greater purpose going on than just you getting out of your bad situation. So they quit worshipping and began complaining.

I am amazed at how quickly people go from praise to complaining. It’s like “I think I am going to get my way” so they worship but then when things don’t immediately work out they think “I’m not getting my way, things are worse” so they complain about it not turning out the way they envisioned. So here is the question – If we really believe in God and that He is in control, why don’t we praise him when we feel good about it and trade in our complaining for worship when we don’t?

I think that needs to be our goal and our desire. To worship God during the sunshine and during the storms. We need to quit complaining and be satisfied in Him. He knows what He is doing…

“Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head and fell on the ground and worshiped.” – Job 1:20

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