Day 31 – Proverbs 31

This is it…

and throughout the book of proverbs over and over and over again men have been instructed to stay away from women…

the wrong types of women.

You know…

The wrong “types”…

The adulterous, skimpy clothed, sensual, and poisonously attractive types.

And when we see one, even though the desire to explore enters into one’s heart, the writer tells us to run away from her as fast as we can. For she will eat you alive and take you for all you’re worth.

But a good one…

One that adds value to your life…

a woman like that is hard to find.

That is extremely unfortunate.

So what is the make up of a woman that adds value to her husband, her children and everyone she comes into contact with?

And if you are a lady…

How do you know if you are a woman of quality?

Here are a few questions from our text that will answer that question for you…

As a woman are you trust worthy? Are you committed to your husband regardless of how you feel about him?

As a woman are you focused on helping your husband? Do you refrain from rolling your eyes at him in public? Do you refrain from speaking bad of him in front of others? Do you come to his side in support of him?

As a woman are you on top of things? Do you have a schedule, are you providing leadership in the home? Leadership that aids the family unit. That helps you and your husband go in the direction the Lord has lead your family to go in?

As a woman do you use wisdom when you purchase things? Do you make decisions that cause financial strain on your family or decisions that help keep it in balance?

Do you make sure your family is dressed right when they leave your home? Or are you more concerned with how you look?

Have you set your husband up to be respected by others? Or have you set him up to look like a failure because you have openly disclosed all his weaknesses?

Do you adorn your speech with wisdom and kindness? Or does negativity flow freely from your lips?

Have you given your children and your husband reason to call you blessed? By the way you do things, by the way you look after them, support them, care for them and help them?

Do you fear the Lord? If so you are to be praised.

As a man… if you are married to someone like Proverbs 31 describes, count your blessings for she is more valuable than jewels. Stay faithful to her, love her and appreciate her. For you have a rare find!

As a woman… you need to be all this proverb describes. To ignore this passage and run from it is to take your family with you into the pit of despair and destruction.

That’s what jumped out at me from the passage today…

What did you see?

One thought on “Day 31 – Proverbs 31

  1. I found Proverbs 31 interesting especially on the heels of the State of the Union address…
    I tend to always look at how Proverbs 31 addresses women. But the first part of the chapter is important for men/leaders…there is a list of what not to do, but also a list of what to do…
    Give strong drink to the one who is perishing, and wine to those in bitter distress;let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more. Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute.Open your mouth, judge righteously,defend the rights of the poor and needy.
    I’m not an advocate of the strong drink…but I am struck by what this mother is teaching her son about being a good leader… show compassion for those perishing, speak up for those who cannot speak (for example -the unborn), speak up for the rights of those who are destitute – lacking the basic necessities of life – speak up and judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy! Sounds like what Jesus came and did…

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