What Do I Read Now?


What do I read now?

This of course is in reference to what we did together last month in going through Proverbs. Now that we have completed the 31 Day Challenge the question has been asked…

What do I read now?

Well currently I am reading a NT Chronological Bible reading plan that is offered through YouVersion – you can find it here…  NT-Chronological Reading Plan

I have enjoyed it so far (I am on day 40 currently) It does a great job of placing everything Jesus did in order through out the gospel accounts.  I would even say its the best chronological plan I have ever followed.

So, if you are looking for a Bible reading plan for your devotional time start this one and in a few days come back here and tell us what you think of it.

Of course if you still want to be in Proverbs here is a book that will cover Proverbs 11 devotionally over the course of 31 days… you can buy it here on Amazon… Its called Eleven

Either way, just be sure you are pursuing the reading and meditation of God’s word.  That is what is really important anyway….




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