Day 11 – Proverbs 11

I can’t help it…

I tried to avoid writing this blog on Proverbs 11:22

But I just can’t get the image of a pig with a nose ring out of my mind.

Can’t you see it?

A pig with a snout piercing?

“Ham Hawing” around

Eating anything and everything you throw into the trough.

Yep… good ol slop – the pig doesn’t know or care to descern what it is eating…

to the pig it all goes to the same place…

and food gets caught in the nose ring and drips down into the pigs mouth…

and the pig doesn’t care.

You never see a pig running through a field, achieving goals, working, or doing anything productive. You never see a pig making any type of beneficial decision, or giving any consideration on how it is living its life and how it is effecting others.


The sausage you ate for breakfast this morning once lived a life of eating, grunting, sleeping, rolling (in mud), and napping.

The bacon you ate once lived a life with no discretion… it just did whatever it felt like doing at the moment and never achieved anything in life…

And do you know who the proverb says is like a pig with a nose ring?

A beautiful woman who doesn’t have discretion. (11:22)

A woman who lives her life not caring about making the right sort of choices. A woman that is beautiful but lives her life with the discretion of a pig.

She’s Beautiful but she says whatever she wants when she wants to say it and doesn’t consider the hurtfulness of her words.

She’s Beautiful but she wears whatever she wants, as low or high as she wants. Not caring about the uncomforable effect it has on others, friends or otherwise.

She’s Beautiful but spends money without thinking and runs up credit card debt and never considers the stress and bondage her actions cause. In fact… like a pig she just doesn’t care.

She’s beautiful but does’t really care for her children. She uses them as trophies, items she can show off to get attention (and sympathy) and then gets irritated with the responsibility they bring.

She’s beautiful but her beauty is like a gold ring…

and that gold ring is really attached to the snout of a pig…

the only beauty a pig’s nose gets.

Her life is without discretion…

like a pig’s…

and its worthless.

But “a gracious woman gets honor” (11:16) She lives her life with discretion, grace and care. She follows the paths of righteousness with her lips and actions. She adds value to those around her and she accomplishes many things.

She refuses to live the life of a pig.

Therefore she is a woman of honor… one you would want to know.

So there you go… thats what stood out to me…

What did you see from this passage today?

(BTW – there is a “great book” that takes this chapter of proverbs and speaks to each verse in a devotional manner “similar” to the Blogs you have read during this 31 Day Challenge… you can find that Book Here – It’s called – Eleven )

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