Day 7 – Proverbs 7

This passage makes me sad.

Up until this point (today) I have looked for a devotional someone else wrote on Proverbs 7 to go in this spot. I never found anything that I was comfortable with. And maybe there is a reason for that.

This is what I really did not want to say… but this is what struck me from this passage…

Over and over and over again in my ministry as a pastor I have seen this passage come to life. Someone goes on a business trip and when they return they find out their spouse has cheated on them. Or someone takes an over night trip and winds up cheating. Or a group of friends go out for a night on the town and one or more of them wind up with someone who isn’t their spouse. Or there is a person at work that seems to be “better” than what they “have” at home. And so on and so on…

and my heart weeps….

And its not just men… its women as well. Good mothers, good fathers with great families that decide (for reasons unknown to us and probably unknown to them) to trade in their families for the trill of being with someone else sexually.

And once the family has been traded, once the card has been played, you can’t take it back. For it permanently changes things and the scars from “the trade” are taken to the grave.

I understand what he is saying when he says “From the window of my house I have looked through my lattice, and I have seen…” (7:6-7)

So yea.. this was a hard passage for me, for many names and many situations have literally flooded my mind, of people I still love and care for, that made “a trade” they should have never made.

and now they can’t take it back.

So, please take heed to the words here in Proverbs 7 and do not stray in your faithfulness to your spouse…

your family is depending on it.

What did you see from the passage today?

One thought on “Day 7 – Proverbs 7

  1. I think this day along with day 5 makes sad but it really makes me angry! My intent is to not read your posts or any other commentaries on each Proverb until I’ve listened to God…as a woman my initial reaction is offensive until God grabs my mind and heart. Every day is a battle for sexual purity…it was a battle in the Bible and it is still a battle today. I see it and live it…every time I take my daughter (or myself) shopping. It is almost impossible to find modest clothing…which is why my style and color are the same – T-shirt! Seriously, no matter where I am – work, school, grocery store, even church- I see women and young girls dressed so immodestly! See-through shirts, jeans with holes everywhere, supposed skirts and shorts that embarrass me and I’m not the one wearing them. First I have to battle what the world says I should be wearing to be beautiful and to fit in and then I have to battle the culture to help my daughters understand how they should dress! Our goal should be first to please God – and clothes that are screaming for a man to look my way – that is not pleasing to God. It is a battle – a sobering battle between life and death- regardless if you are the one seducing another or the one being seduced! It’s a battle that, yet again, Proverbs reminds us is fought with God’s Word – written on our hearts, bound to us, treasured by Us!

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