Day 8 – Proverbs 8

Today’s post is written by a friend of mine Loren Pinilis who has a great blog that deals with Time Management. Its called Life of a Steward. If you have some “time” today it would be more than worth it to check it out.

Thanks Loren for writing this today, I am very glad you did.

The most astonishing thing about Proverbs 8 is the first verse: Wisdom calls to us.

Wisdom isn’t hidden away in a stuffy library. Wisdom isn’t a haughty, condescending, unapproachable professor.

Wisdom is at the gates of the city (verse 3) and the crossroads (verse 2) “the most trafficked areas” loudly calling to all who pass by.

Wisdom doesn’t make us jump through hoops or run over hot coals in order to earn the privilege of learning from her. She’s eager to instruct those who seek her (verse 17).

The chapter goes on to make stunning claims about the benefits of wisdom, the value of wisdom, the power of wisdom, the protection of wisdom, and the divine origins of wisdom.

Something this amazing calls to us.

Having just read in Proverbs 7 about an adulteress calling and seducing a simple man, the parallel with Wisdom’s call is obvious.

But what about all the others who ignore Wisdom?

Maybe some passers-by weren’t on their way to an affair but were off to dull their pain with food and drink. Or perhaps proving themselves at work. Or channel surfing in their recliner.

Am I missing Wisdom’s call while I chase achievement or fun or leisure or relationships?

What if I allow the good things in my life to crowd out the best? What if my days are so full of service and meetings and work and family that I fly by Wisdom on the way to my next appointment?

Am I watching daily at Wisdom’s gates and waiting beside her doors (verse 34)?
Am I diligently seeking wisdom (verse 17)?
Do I allow the hustle and bustle of my day to blind me to the value of wisdom?

What did you see from this passage today?

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