Thank You

Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to some people who helped organize and help run last nights performance
Angie York who helped with K- 5th graders and Daniel York who helped her last night
Coleen Shore Walker and Alyssa Claire York Who took on the preschoolers and did a wonderful job with them.
Ben Miller and Nicole Brande – who not only lead the worship team (and we are thankful for them playing last night) but helped with the kids and their music.
Seth Parnell Heather Parnell Tonia Carter Cornett and Magan Carter – who taught and lead the teenagers they did a great job.
For Bryan Lakey who came and helped with sound last night and Scott Johnson – who step in and ran the tech side of things last evening – these background people made the program look good, and made it flow very well.
For Jimmy Phipps and Sonia Potts Phipps who made sure our finger food fellowship was organized.
And finally for each performer and person who stepped in to fill in any holes that came up – thank you for being flexible (you know who you are)
Without these people stepping up to help the program would not have worked. It was a great christmas worship service last night…
So this Christmas season – Behold the Lamb of God – the Lamb who was born in a stable and then would later shed his blood so God’s Judgement would “passover” us.
images.jpeg     images-1.jpeg  cfdf01afa2434b92475aceae04dc574d.jpg

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