9 Random Thoughts

The staff has left for the day and I am in my office at the church looking out the window at melting snow…

The building is quiet except for iTunes which is playing “Not With Jesus” by Cheri Keaggy and the occasional sound of snow sliding off the roof of the building.

Here are a few of my thoughts as they are occurring right now…

1 – Next week this time we will already be in February and heading towards Valentines Day and then Easter.  Time doesn’t stop even if the snow causes you too.

2 – Sunday was a great day, we had a wonderful worship service and then spent the rest of the day sledding.

3 – It is not many times now that I find myself at the church alone. It is kind of different being here alone than it was when we did not have this many staff members.

4 – I was doing a little reading/studying about marriage today in prep for or series Love – Kids – and questions.


5 – Some of the stuff I am reviewing for the series are things I wish I had known the first 5 years of my marriage and in some ways am still working on those principles today. I think marriages are like people – we never arrive at perfection though we strive for it.

6 – I know a lot of people are not liking the way the presidential race is going and who America has to choose from. It might be time to take a break from supporting or tearing down a candidate and switch from who I will or will not vote for and why? – to – What has happened in our culture the past few year that would cause this type of political environment?  What is being communicated by the culture when certain types of candidates are emerging strongly while others aren’t. When under normal circumstances one would be in jail more than likely and the other would not have such a strong support base. As leaders what do we need to learn from this and what are we going to do to lead the environments we are over during these times?

7 – Prayer is an amazing thing

8 – My book is still available on amazon. Check out the “Eleven” tab above for more information.

9 – I normally do not pull for either team that is in the Super Bowl but this year its Go Panthers! That said can anyone tell me what this means? Where did it come from, how does it tie in with the Panthers? Please comment below.


10 – Well, I’m just waiting for the insurance check to arrive so I can go purchase another car… I want it to come to day – that probably means it will not.

So I guess thats it… I could go on and on but I need to do a few things…



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