Summer Spec’s Final Hours

I just finished up a final edit for tonight’s Summer Spectacular.  As I closed iMovie and later today will transfer the updated videos to the computers in the back…

I just wanted to say…

Thank you to all the people who worked hard to make this happen for our kids and the kids in our community…

To the Tech people: thank you for the many hours you spent  building the “almost” 105 foot screen, setting up the computers and the “almost” 7 projectors.  For being spot on with your cues as the epic presentations of these biblical stories unfolded before the kids eyes…

Thank you to all the actors and your willingness to take a risk. You did not know what you were getting into at first but you were willing to take the step that was needed and became part of some amazing moments.

Thank you to the worship leaders. Not only did you get the kids excited about the show they were about to see you also pointed them to Jesus and the greatness of our God.  It was hot outside as you jumped around on stage with the kids following your every move… thanks for taking that risk… it paid off in a big way…

Thank you to the tour guides for making sure the kids were where they were supposed to be and for leading them during the small group times backstage as they talked about the implications of what they had just experienced.

Thank you to the “backroom” “Think Tank” crew. Your efforts brought the message of scripture down to a livable level for the kids.  They are forever changed because of what you have done.

Thank you to ALL the preschool workers.  The show this year for the preschoolers was amazing To the teachers and class helpers thank you for making sure those little minds captured the truth of creation. The kids loved you guys!

Thank you to the Stunt Crew. The games you lead the kids in were not only fun but were very creative, thank you for making sure they connected with the bible story for the evening. The kids had a blast because of your efforts.

Thank you to the security team for not only keeping us safe but for helping with set up and tear down of all the equipment we used.

Thank you to those who took on the important task of snack time and for those who took on the task of being box office staff – you kept us organized and made sure kids went home with the right people…

Thank you to all those who came out to help with the work nights, building stages, and painting props.  Summer Spec looked great because of you.

To Angie York – thank you for making sure all the pieces worked and all the i-s were dotted and the t-s were crossed.  This event came together because of your administrative skills.  You worked many hours to make this happen and kept us all flowing in the right direction.

To Bryan Lakey – thank you for being willing to take on this crazy idea we had.  Going in we knew it was going to be a lot of work to bring these 4 nights into existence.  You organized the tech crew and spent many hours working to make sure we were going to accomplish this task in the best way possible.

To Megan Carter – thank you for taking on the task of creating and directing the preschool show. You kept the workers focused and excited and made sure the show got the point across in a way the preschoolers to grasp. (And the youth learned a lot about service too)

To Jesus… there aren’t enough words to describe how I feel about you. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your plan of redemption.


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