Do you Tithe on your Tax Return Money?


Today someone asked me this question…

Do I need to give a tithe my tax return money?

The answer is no… IF you are in the habit of tithing every time you get paid  then the money you are receiving back from the government you have already tithed on that money.  If you decide to give a portion of the money that has been returned to you from the government it becomes an expression of love that says to God. I love you, I am thankful for all you have done for me and I want to express that to you by giving more than is required.

However, if you are not in the habit of giving your tithe to God on a regular basis then the answer is YES.

If you only tithe on the amount you bring home (after taxes) the answer is yes and you should also tithe on the amount you paid into the government as well because you haven’t tithed on that either.

This is not so the church will get money or make money.  If your church is following Jesus that is never the reason to give to the church.  We give because of Jesus, expressing our love for Him by obeying his command to give a portion back to Him for the work of spreading the gospel,  to Making disciples of all nations.  We give because we are saying to God, you have given this to me and I by faith am giving a potion back to you. It is an act of faith that says “I know God that you will keep your promise to take care of my needs.”

The questions of tithing isn’t..

How much?

Do I need to?

Is it before taxes or after?

Will I make it if I do it?

Do I really need to give this much money?

Is it really commanded?

The questions should be…

Do you have faith in God enough to make it a spiritual habit of your life?

Is your spiritual walk with him worth giving what is required to His church?

Is this a big deal to me because I trust in money more than I trust in God?

So there you go…



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