Not Sure & 2 Statements & 3 Interesting Things = 5

Not sure what to write and I feel like Im in a time crunch before I have to leave for lunch to at least write something to post to the blog today.  It has been a while and really I just haven’t had the time (at times) or have not wanted to take the time (at other times) to write something.  I enjoy writing but sometimes I know I shouldn’t because of something I’m going through that I am scared will make it to the screen and then to the world (dangerous times) and I will wind up regretting the words I chose to write for that day.  Today I am trying to get to working on the sermon for Sunday but I need to eat lunch so Im going to do that but hoped I would finish this before I had to leave. It seems however its about that time…


I’m now on My way to Hams, I’ll be back in a moment to possibly write about 5 things you need to know from this week, or a few thoughts concerning things I read in the news this week or something God has taught me this week.  Not Sure which yet…

So now I’m back from Lunch…

1 – Let’s just let it go concerning the Wisconsin vs Duke game and quit casting a bad light on either team by blaming refs for the game. Now I’m not a Duke or Wisconsin fan but if you don’t stop I’ll start posting articles from previous years where the same argument was used just with different teams.  There are some real sore losers in this world… and Blue Devil Haters…. Sad.

2 – Just came from a lunch where I experienced a very disrespectful teenager first hand.  I hope his parents are able to handle that before someone punches him in the face.

3 – Google is “secretly developing a conference call app called GMeet.  It’s so secret you’ve just heard about it here.

4 – SpaceX is going to try to land a rocket on a platform again on April 13th. They are trying to develop the worlds first reusable rocket.  Here is their first attempt…

5 – Pebble Time begins shipping in May.  It’s Kickstarter campaign was nothing short of amazing and had broke a few records.  Pebble Time is the color version of the Pebble watch. One additional hardware feature is a microphone so you can dictate text messages.  Though it is not the Apple Watch it is a great low-cost alternative.


So I guess that’s it….

For now.

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