What do you think Friday…


Yesterday I had a conversation with another pastor in which we disagreed on a particular point but after talking a while about it and not coming to a firm agreement on it we parted….

as friends

going to lunch again next week.

I’m not sure when the last time that has happened to me.  Where you had a discussion, there was disagreement but that disagreement did not get in the way of the friendship.   Where as I am not sure when the last time that has happened, I do know the people in my life that are like this and they are a blessing.

I spoke with him a little later in the afternoon and I think as a result of that discussion and the rawness of it, it actually strengthened our friendship. This is how it is supposed to be. So what makes other conversations different?  Why is it that with some people you can give your view point and they turn on you while others discuss it and think nothing of it when the conversation ends?

What do you think?

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