One Reason (Why Bad Things Happen)


In this life you are either being tested by God or tempted by your flesh or “the devil”.  Why these things happen is sometimes, well… most of the time unclear. But what we do know is regardless of whether it is a test or a temptation it definitely drives us to prayer. Maybe that is the reason the thing has been allowed into our lives.

Prayer during a tough time does several things.

It deepens our faith and our relationship with Jesus.  With our crying out to Him we realize at a deeper level than we have before, our full dependency on Him and His power.

It draws us closer to Jesus.  We get to know Him better, even when he doesn’t answer our request the way we intended Him too.

It intensifies our willingness to serve others and care for them.  We begin to connect with other people, that are having or have had the same life experiences, in a more meaningful way.  We relate better with them.

It keeps hope alive.  Not just a hope that God will make everything right in our current situation but also hope in our future, that one day we will be taken to a place where bad issues never disturb our lives again.

So I do not know what you are going through today, and you maybe still looking for a purpose in your suffering.  I can’t give you the specific answer to the specific purpose God has for that test, but what can be said regardless, is part of the purpose is to give you an amazing opportunity  to draw close to your Creator…

and that’s a pretty good start as you search for the rest of the answer.



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