The Day Was Young


The day was young, I had just gotten up the sleepers were nearly out of my eyes and then…

phone ringing

picked up

not so good news but not to bad either

The day was young, I made it to the bathroom. Shower was cold, floor was wet and then…



But now hurts

The day was young, hard to move, clothes finally made it on my body and then…

Facebook post

could not believe it

How could they be so…


The day was young, hard to move, hard to think, heart very heavy and then…


and more prayer

Expressions deep with in my soul, vocalized, out loud, echoes of the Psalmist, asking for God to move and render the adversary powerless, for all arrows that are shot to return and do him harm instead, for restitution to occur, for God to move with justice for the Glory of His name and then…

a whisper

a voice so silent it could have been missed but didn’t intend to be

comfort flowing down like a hard but soft rain, relaxing, lifting the burden – the sleep robber – from it’s effects.

The day was young, God was already at work, solving, doing, answering prayer for my benefit and for His glory. And then…



and soul

were healed and strengthened

The day was young but not as young when I backed out of my garage, but it sure felt younger than when I first woke up

that’s  the power of God’s love and His response to prayer.


James 5:16

One thought on “The Day Was Young

  1. Oh my! Did YOU fall? Love this-except for the fact that you may have been injured! I can relate – the events of the past week were taking a toll until I literally got on my knees and poured out my heart to my Savior! And then humbly asking others to also intercede – how sweet the blessing of communing with my Heavenly Father and experiencing His overwhelming presence as a result of those prayers! Always praying for you & your family – for vision, strength, boldness, good health, rest, and a hedge of protection against the schemes of the Enemy!

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