Being a Pastor


I don’t think

In fact I know

I never expected to have to know about so many things when I became a pastor.  How relationships work, both marriage, family and friendships. How to lead different types of people and what exactly is the makeup of a person so you can effectively lead them and place them in a ministry they were designed for. I have learned medical terms and have come to experience an array of medical problems and situations not only with the ones that are experiencing them but also the family that is concerned about their loved one and the emotions that go with all of that. How to minister to kids, teens and adults, marrying people and giving advice on money, sex, and how to handle conflicts.  As a pastor you have to be seemingly ready at a moments notice to answer any question, including defenses of the faith, things the Bible says and doesn’t say and why certain things are wrong and others aren’t. How to effectively manage a church body and some knowledge about how to run a business and manage money… and I could go on for I haven’t even included all the tax and legal stuff including insurance I have had to be aware of… and there are even more things beyond that… like sermon prep…


Yes, being a pastor is not just proclaiming the gospel each week. The elephant is bigger and might even be a mammoth. It’s no wonder more of us haven’t snapped at some one outside of our family.  It’s no wonder more of us aren’t walking agents of destruction, I’m amazed at how calm I am (most of the time). But that is just a testimony to the power of God.

Being a pastor is not really about making sure you know all these things (and more that aren’t listed above). Being a pastor is about walking under the strength and power of Jesus and relying on Him every step of the way…

for it’s not my strength that wins the day…

It’s His.

If it was mine I would be dead by now….

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