Not Enough


With the recent death of Robin Williams it seems that the media is consumed with the idea that popularity, riches and financial success in this world is not enough to make one stable and satisfied…

and they are right.

But then I ask…

“what do they count on to make them happy?” (the news people) for we all count on something. We are born that way. Yes, from conception we began a search for significance, a search for happiness, a search for satisfaction because we are all born in this world missing something and we know it. Our first cry demonstrates it, our determination to move, our first step of mobility is only a drive to achieve something more, to gain something, to find what is missing.

Some continue the search their entire lives through various means and ways, others give up on the search and retreat to a mode of existence that looks like they are satisfied with the hand life dealt them but in reality they are trying to ignore the nagging deep inside of them that says there is more. Others find the thing that is missing and never have the feeling again. The interesting thing about these people is they all seem to find the same thing that settles the matter once and for all.

They find Jesus

But it’s not like they just found Him. It’s more than that. These people come to a place where they make a decision to begin a relationship with Him and it’s the new life that comes from that relationship that makes the difference, that satisfies.

In this life we should always strive to achieve and do our best at whatever we put our minds to do.  However, if we proceed without a relationship with Jesus whatever we accomplish will never be enough. Furthermore, if we decide to start a relationship with Jesus but don’t cultivate it and make Him part of all that we do, what we accomplish will also never be enough. But, if we live for Him, follow Him and His purpose for our lives, the success that comes from doing that will be more than enough. It will provide a satisfaction that can’t be match with awards, recognitions or things.

So this post is not about Robin Williams and his death, it’s about this fixation by the media on the idea that things and success in life is not enough…

a fixation we all have struggled with

a fixation only a heathy relationship with Christ solves.

My prayer is for those that are currently talking about this topic, that they will find the answer to their conundrum…


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