Would God be Proud?


Would God be proud of the fact that I just did..


Is He up in heaven cheering us on as we give others the cold shoulder, holding grudges , string up drama or doing things just to make a POINTED point?

Is God proud of the way we just treated them? Is He like, yea man… you th’ man… told em like it really is. Good job!

Is God proud of that “thing” we just did. When we were alone, when we took what we should not have taken, when we quit working when we should have been working, when we acted in the way we just acted?

Is God proud that you just watched that movie you just watched?  Is He proud of the fact you didn’t avert your eyes during that scene?  Is He jumping for joy that you have filled your mind with “those” words?

Is He proud of that fact, those things, or the words you have just spoken?

Or is He grieved?

Is God grieved because we just did…

an act of kindness?

Is God as grieved, as our friends are, who do not understand why we chose to forgive “that person”?

Does God cringe or wonder why we are cordial to the people who we have plenty of reasons NOT to be cordial too?

Is God upset about the right “thing” we just did?  When we were alone, when we didn’t slack off, when we responded to the troublesome situation the right way, without anger, without fusing?

Is God grieved that you choose to go to church, read your Bible, give your tithe, prayed and guarded what you put before your eyes and ears?  Is He about to send down fire from heaven because you have made Holy choices, using Holy words and resisted unholy thoughts?

Is He disappointed in those good things you have done and the righteous words you have spoken by His power?

Or is He proud?


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