The other day… a few weeks back…. I ran into some people in a restaurant that have never shown me any respect and have been down right mean to me and my family at times.  I think they just wanted to prove that they were superior to me, though I’m not sure why.   The things they had said, and the things they had done were inexcusable. They had been the source of much hurt and pain.  It would be ok with me if I would have never saw them again. But here they were, sitting at a table laughing, eating and having a good-ol time.

So I did something STUPID…

I stopped by their table sat down and talked with them for about 15-minutes.  It was the normal stuff, nothing too serious.  When the people I was having lunch with arrived I got up, introduced them to my friends and then wished them well.  Nothing was fake on my part.  Did I forget the hurt that had happened? No.  But I had forgiven them a long time ago and will not hold it against them… though I will remember what occurred for protection purposes until the day they change.

However… I can’t say the thought didn’t cross my mind of…

What are you doing Phillip?

You never sit down with your enemies and show kindness to them. You know they could have thought something like, “this guy is STUPID because he has never picked up on the fact we do not like him. What a dummy.”

For those that are well aquatinted with what happened, and are my friends they may have been inclined to think something similar.  In fact, about half way into this moment of STUPIDITY, I even had the thought “Phillip you’re a STUPID man for doing this with people who could careless about you.”

And that’s true… It was a STUPID thing to do.

Just as STUPID as Jesus…

and the love He has shown to me…

a “STUPID” Love that changed my life.



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