The Other Side rehtO ehT


In life we have a tendency to quickly write off people we either disagree with or people that may not have acted correctly.  Sometimes we write off people because of what someone else has told us about them and without even a moments hesitation we instantly allow ourselves to have a bit of doubt concerning them.  Doubt that at one time did not exist but now does because of a report from someone else, a piece of information we decide to be shocked by, because we never asked the question, Is this really true?

We did not ask that question because the person that is imparting these facts to us is so convincing we swallow it all hook line and sinker.   Top that off with the fact we are all programed by our culture never to fully trust anyone, a piece of information that is negative about someone else feeds the lack of trust we all ready have in human kind as a whole.

However, if we are the one that the negative information is directed at, we feel differently about it and come to a different conclusion.  We do not naturally believe and except everything that is said about us and we shouldn’t.  After all somethings aren’t true, and we know it.  The reason we know it isn’t true is because we know the other side  of the story and instantly negate the falsehood that is being proclaimed.

We know the other side.

Maybe that’s what we should find out before we write off someone that we have heard “something” about but really do not know the other side of the story.

There is always something more to the story you are hearing from one person or several.

There is always another side to everything…



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