Sometimes I want people to see something so badly I push a bit to hard for them to see it. This never really ends well.  Mostly because the point they walked away with is no where near the point I wanted them to see.

Sometimes love is a curse.  You care for an individual deeply and want them to see that the current way they are living and thinking is hindering them from seeing and experiencing God in a bigger and better way.  That if you could bring them to understand what you are trying to get them to understand that their walk with the Lord would become sweeter and more real than it currently is.  You want them to have that, so you push, you try to get them to see and it just turns sour and doesn’t work.  You want to quit talking and pushing but you seem to fail at doing that.  You know it isn’t the right timing , the conversation isn’t going well but you push through anyway out of a missed directed sense of care, that some how, maybe you are close to a break through that would clear up the immediate awkwardness, but that never happens.  Thus, division succeeds, because they walk away with several points that are no where near where you intended the conversation to go and it breaks your heart.  Yes, sometimes love is a curse.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night realizing how a conversation the day before actually went.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and am faced with further details that confirm my “middle of the night realizations” were correct.

Sometimes I start my day wondering if things can be fixed. Put back together. Solved.  If an apology will bring things back together, if somehow I could get across a different message than I did in the conversation the day before.  A message that says, “I never meant to be your enemy, I was trying to be your friend but failed miserably and want to make that right.

Sometimes forgiveness takes time to be fully realized.

Sometimes forgiveness is just a way for consequences to be  more bearable.

Sometimes things can’t go back to the way they once were.  Things change. Words have power to change the course of life. Words have the power to change the course of relationships for good or ill. Regardless of the positive intent. Words bring reality and situations into existence.

Sometimes we push those we love too hard

and Sometimes we lose more than we realize.

Sometimes it’s not until the push is over that we realize the topic we were pushing really isn’t worth the price we are paying for pushing it in the first place.

Sometimes we allow our love and concern to turn into something else because we fail to use wisdom.

Sometimes we are faced with an end we never intended to create.

But then….

Sometimes things that are sour, that seem to be coming to an end, take a turn for the better.

Sometimes an apology plus forgiveness bears fruit of restoration.

Sometimes difficult moments are allowed to deepen relationships

Sometimes a screwed up conversation is fixed…

and sometimes moves us on with a better understanding and a deeper friendship than we had before.

Sometimes the only way to improve a relationship is a hard time.

Sometimes the test of true friendship is how disagreements are handled.

Sometimes we need to push a bit harder to reconcile.

Sometimes we need to love someone enough to bring ourselves to the place where we see we were also wrong,

and Sometimes love needs to be given a chance to win.

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