Rhythms of Christmas


It wasn’t about caesar the ruler of the world

It wasn’t about the whole world

It wasn’t about registering your family

It wasn’t about Quirinius the governor

It wasn’t even about Syria or rome for that matter and what they were doing

it wasn’t about Joseph though he played a major role in the story it still wasn’t about Him or Mary being the supportive cast

It wasn’t about Nazareth, Judea or Bethlehem or King David

it wasn’t about the stable, the animals, the peaces of cloth that were used as a wrapping or the manger that became a bed…

it wasn’t about the innkeeper, an inn or if it was really an in or not…

it wasn’t about what you think or I think about the story and how it happened…

It was about Jesus and Jesus alone.

Caesar, the world, the registration, just tools in the hand of God

Quirinius, the position of Governor, syria, just means to an end in the plan God had laid before time began

Joseph, Mary, Nazareth, Judea, Bethlehem, swatting clothes and a manger only signs that played a role as all signs do of not pointing to themselves but to the one they were designed to point to.

There may have been no room in the INN but God intended for His sons arrival not to be missed or debated….

so it was a birth in a place that was out of the ordinary so the ordinary world would not miss Him

It was a Rhythm, a melody in the song of redemption God himself wrote long ago with parts that when woven together declares Jesus is Here loud and clear.

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