The Christmas Story Again?


Everyone knows the story

It’s not new to most and it comes up every year this time

But is it old to you?

Or does it mean something to you still?

It’s the Story of God coming to earth as a baby, becoming flesh, God incarnate, to be held in the arms of people who have been in His.

Is there anything new to say about it?  Anything special that hasn’t already been said?  Have we exhausted the topic?  Each year and each year following  will it be the same Ol same Ol?


but maybe the old stories, the repeated stories, the repeated facts are worth repeating.  Maybe they are worth hearing again.

Sometimes I have to work on myself ( and I’m a preacher) with this.  Especially when I am about to preach the Luke 2 passage again this Sunday.   What do I say?  What aspect should be presented?  Isn’t there something new? What would move people to action with the story?  Do they really want to hear this story, this passage again?

But the question should not be what people want instead is should be what do people need to hear?  Do they need to hear this story again?

And the answer is yes….

for it is a significant part of History that changes everything.

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