Random Wednesday


1. God blesses in unexpected ways.

2. Sometimes what was stolen gets replaced

3. Devil go on get your junk out of hear – I don’t need you so move on! (tobymac)

4. I’m thinking about putting a GPS tracking system on our Holiday Yard Decorations, looks like that might cost to much… but wouldn’t that be a hoot?   Someone takes your stuff then you show up at their front door with the police to get your stuff. It would mess some people up… and I hate to say it but there would be some satisfaction in that.

5. Today Apple is awesome (just like another day)  – free up grade to their new software including Pages, Numbers and Key Note.  Nice

6. Don’t go riding on that long black train.

7. Off to pass out some invitations to FBC’s Chicken Stew Plus

8. Just reported the thief

9. I love it when a message starts getting traction

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