in the middle of the night or maybe before or maybe after

someone snuck onto our property and took our wooden Charlie Brown Halloween display

except for Lucy it was nice of them to allow us to keep her… (sarcasm)


after all they must have thought that our stuff was their’s and that’s why they took it.

But it wasn’t their stuff it was ours….


My Neighbor seems to think that I should be nice and instead of  using the word “stole” i should be nice and use “Borrowed” instead on these signs….


I think STOLE is the right word because that is what THEY DID They STOLE not BORROWED, THEY STOLE our Charlie Brown Halloween Display. They felt they had a right to it so they walked onto our property and took what was not theirs to take, THEY DID NOT BORROW from us THEY TOOK what was not their’s to take and that is called stealing….


and I am being NICE ENOUGH about it when I use the word PLEASE on these signs…


and that is about as much nice-ness as I’m going to be able to muster up at this point in time.


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