Worship Style


What is your church’s worship stye?

This is a question I am often asked by others when they are inquiring about our church.  I understand this question. Most churches pick a style and stick with it.

Some stay with traditional music

Some crank it up with contemporary

Some are Hill Song oriented

Others have a mixed approach


Some churches have different worship services.  8am maybe traditional, while 9:30am is mixed and then at 11pm they crank it up with contemporary.

This is all fine and good.  There is nothing wrong with a church picking a worship style and sticking with it.  I am for what God is leading them to do.

But when I get asked the question – “what is your church’s worship style?” – I can’t really give you a nice neat answer like contemporary, traditional, mixed, etc…

The fact is we look at worship not as leading worship with a style, but leading people to focus on God and His great works.

We look at worship with the question of “what does God want to hear this Sunday?”

and He wants to hear His people sing and open their hearts to Him regardless of the style they are singing.

Style is really not a concern of ours…. worshiping God (to us) is bigger than that. It is more than just what I want, it’s what God wants and He wants his people to sing together even in diversity.

So our worship leaders have the ability to lead worship from their heart as God has designed them to be.

We are here to please God – not people

We are here to worship God – not a style

Farmington has been blessed with 3 worship leaders. Each is designed by God to lead worship 3 totally different ways.  I do not require them to change who they are in order to lead worship at our church.  They are free to pick the music that fits the message for the day and then lead in the style that they are designed by God to lead with.

So each Sunday it’s different, not because we are trying to appease people but because we are wanting to lead people to open their hearts with other believers who may not be like them in worship to God.

After all God loves to hear music that is lifting up His name…

ALL styles included

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