Death pathway

Death never tells us when it is going to arrive and sometimes shows us signs that we choose to ignore or that we miss read.

But it comes none the less.

It happens to those we love, those we care for, those we have invested in.

Today sitting in a hospital a very good friend of mine is holding his daughter as he waits for her to take her last breath.

She’s 14.

My heart aches

And with this news I know yours does too

but our hurt pails in comparison to what these two parents are feeling at this moment.

Death seems to be winning

but its not.

For this girl who has been confined to a wheel chair not able to speak and do the things “normal” kids could do her entire life is about to receive a new body that is fully functional.

Sometime in the near future she will be running around in a place that makes our perfect look like a gross imperfection.

She will be singing, running, walking, doing flips as she heads toward Jesus’ arms.

This hope is grounded in fact and takes away the sting of death…

for death doesn’t win after all, because of Jesus, death is being used an abused as a gateway to another time and another place

a place where death is powerless.

But for now we weep and our hearts melt

for sorrow is real.

So pray for my friends

and we will watch as God puts his arms around this family and carries them through this valley.


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