Random Wednesday


Random 1 – I sit here watching a spider create a web outside my window.

Random 2 – Rained most of the day today so we are listening too Rain Music right now.

Random 3 – Bird just flew through trying to get the spider but missed

Random 4  – Do you ever feel that something is wrong but you don’t know what it is or why you are feeling the way you do?

Random 5 – I had a dream on Monday Evening where an odd looking charater with big finger nails pushed one of those nails into my arm.  I immediately woke up and my arm began hurting in that same spot and continued to hurt the remainder of the day.  Weird.  We don’t even live on Elm Street.

Random 6 – Amazon Order came today – it was a book bag – it was too small

Random 7 – Tried to start working on re-roofing my house last weekend…. Rain had another idea.

Random 8 – It is harder to let go of things you normally do and pass them on to someone else than I thought it would be.

Random 9 – The spider is gone, either he’s been eaten or he is in hiding… maybe they are as scared of birds as humans are scared of them. Or maybe its because it’s raining

Random 10 – Just bought my daughter a new book bag on Amazon… long story

Random 11 – Wrote this way today to try to get some creative thoughts flowing… not sure if it is working

Random 12 – Time to get ready for a funeral then church

Random 13 – There’s not enough hours in the day

Random 14 – Yep

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