Phone Time Questions…


Do you spend as much time Tweeting as you do Praying?

Do you spend as much time on Facebook, finding out what your friends are doing as you do Studying the Bible to find out what God is doing?

Do you allow yourself to constantly get interrupted with email or a text but do not allow God or church to interrupt your busy schedule?

Recently my family and I went to Disney World, we waited in line for rides, rode rides and ate at different restaurants .  Everywhere we went people were on their phones doing this or that. It was almost as if what they were doing on their phones was more important than the people they were with.

I am willing to bet that if you practice being on your phone while you are with people in a group, you probably spend more time on it than you should. And if you are on it every possible moment you can be on it, it has replaced God in your life, hinders your relationship with Him and you now have an idol.

It’s time for a new spiritual practice to be instituted in our lives….

We need “no phone zones”

You need to set aside moments in your day where you are not on the Phone, you lay it down and leave it alone while you focus on spending time with God.


Reading His word (without having to Tweet it)

And not allowing random stuff to come between you and going to church.

But more importantly…

make God first in your life in action

He can’t be first if your phone is always taking up your time with Him

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