Clouding Conviction


Have you ever seen a response or a post (like on face book) where someone begins a rant about what has been said?

Me too

Why do they do that?

The same reason you feel like it at times when you read something and you would like to rant a bit but don’t…

You don’t like what is being said.

Sometimes it’s because you have understood what is being said and feel a rant is needed other times it’s because you have misunderstood what was said and your misunderstanding  stirred something within you or you understood what was being said so you start a rant on something that is far from the idea that was being communicated to get your mind off the conviction that has stirred up your soul.

Yes, sometimes the thing you read is so true, so convicting, so moving in a bothersome way that your being diverts the attention off the life changing truth (because sometimes there are life changing truths that are posted or blogged about) to something else and that something else is your rant.

The same-thing often happens when a person is confronted face to face with a wrong they have committed.

Like when a friend or family member confronts them with it.  The truth of what has been said causes the person to change the subject with passion.  Because we know, though no one has taught us how, that one of the best ways to deal with conviction is to fill the airways with a lot of words and if we can cast the blame on someone else or show that someone else is in the wrong it some how alleviates the convicting pressure of what has been spoken.

This is why people have roasted preacher for lunch.

This is why people push back onto you when you point out something about them.

This is why sometimes you scratch your head and say “How did they get that out of what I said?”

This process that we all do from time to time is called…

“Clouding Conviction”

at least that’s what I call it.

And every time we do this we miss the opportunity God has placed before us to correct what is wrong and change for the better.

So next time you see something that stirs you to the point of ranting, take time to pray and get to the real reason why you are moved.

I’m willing to bet you’ll find it’s not the preacher, or your diversion

It’s something God is pointing out for you to change.

One thought on “Clouding Conviction

  1. Totally, great post! I also wanted to take the time to thank you for following our blog! We are happy to follow back and sorry it took so long. It is a great idea to pray about what God is moving in you instead of compulsive responses to a blog or Facebook post. Those arguments I find are often time wasted and becomes about who is right as opposed to, “What does God want me to think about this?” and “Specific to my walk, how does God want me to respond to this, if at all?” and of course what you said about, “Is there something in me that needs to get fixed that this post brought up?” Great read! Keep up the great work!

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

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