Back to It


Some days you just can’t write anything.   It’s not because you do not want to, instead it’s because the events of life sometime take up more time than expected.

Other times a heavy emotional load locks up your mind or the emotions unlock statements, thoughts or expressions that should not be written because they are too personal…

for the person you would say them about

or for you to express

because somethings need to be dealt with in privacy not out in the open.

But it is nice to get back to the point where you feel comfortable opening back up through a written word.


Now I know we need to say something about God here, He gives strength to make it through tough times, heavy times or just life in general.

I know that we should probably mention that we can lay our burdens down at the feet of Jesus and find rest for our souls.

but sometimes I think those things go with out saying to those who truly follow Him.

For we all know that He is with us, to help us and to guide us through this life but that doesn’t mean we will live in Disney World everyday of our lives. That some how those words are magical and place us on a higher mountain or bring us up out of the valley instantly.

We don’t need…

I do not need…

magic to solve my problems.   I need strength to see them through and grow from them.  The need for some type of spiritual miracle magic hinders the effect of the struggle’s molding.

Sometimes what we need to do in life is shut our mouths, quit writing our thoughts and let God be God and do what He intends to do…

so that when we get to the point we can speak again…

the point where we can write again

we are different than before


Yes, its good to be back to the place where I can write again…

feels good


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