The Zoo Trip


Well, I made my son write today about the Zoo trip we took on Friday so I thought that maybe I should do the same.

A few weeks back at a birthday party for My Father-In-Law, the family that was there that was “IN” but not “In-law” discussed going to the Zoo.   Because I am outside of that loop mainly because I just married into the family, I found out we would be heading to the Zoo on August the 2nd.

It’s a good thing I had already cancelled that Youth Activity at church for that night.

We arrived at BoJangles to meet everyone at 7:52am, 22 minutes past when we were supposed to be there but at least we were not the last of the family members to arrive. Around 8:15am my brother-in-law and his family arrived and we soon set out on our trip.

Once we arrived at the Zoo, discussion began concerning where we would go first, would we go see the dinosaur exhibit, and what exactly were the plans for lunch.  Once that was over we made our way to the Lion exhibit where all the children (at least the younger ones) begin making Lion noises in order to “wake up” the Lions that were in slumber on their rock of choice.

Seeing this wasn’t working, I looked up a video on Youtube of Lions Roaring and played it through my iPhone at full volume to get their attention. To my amazement the Lions…

didn’t even stir.

Not even once.

As we made our way through the Zoo, looking at the various animals and their children…

no I’m not referring to humans…

conversations persisted over dinner that evening and the chance of having body odor for my brother-in-law’s girl friend’s parents were meeting them that evening after the Zoo trip to eat and shop. The concern was that the “whole family” would reek of Zoo smell and sweat.

Personally, I had put deodorant on that day and began to wonder if they had.


After seeing the polar bears, otters, snakes, alligators, elephants, rhino’s and other Zoo type animals the day came to a close.

My brother-in-law’s family left to go to their gig and we bought matching Zoo Visors, went to eat at Chili’s and drove home.

I know I said “somethings” above, but they were only meant to be fun comments and nothing more for the day itself was a good day. I was glad to have gone on that trip and look forward to the next one.

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