The Wisdom of Siri


Siri has become one of my favorite things about my phone. Not only can I ask her to give me directions to a place, I can also get her to text for me and make my appointments.

Today when I was making an appointment for this evening at 6:15pm, she not only told me I was over lapping appointments but asked me a series of qualifying questions concerning the appointments.

Then once we were finished I said to her…

“Siri you are the greatest”

Then she said…

“I aspire not to greatness, but to usefulness.”

What a great lesson in humility…

from a phone of all things.

It made me think…

What am I REALLY aspiring to be in this life?

Is it to be the greatest pastor EVER?

The greatest father EVER?

The greatest person EVER?

Or am I aspiring to be useful….

to all those around me?

For that is the true attitude of humbleness.

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