Honduras Mission Trip 2013


Just finished a slide show for Sunday Morning that shows the mission work Cody did on his recent mission trip to Honduras.

I noticed as I was working on it that the nationals all came out in their best clothing for their visitors.  The outfits they had on where the best clothes they had, and were probably gifts from other mission trips to that area.  They wore their best because they appreciated what the men were doing for their village and were thankful for their visit.

The impact this team had on that culture is evident. They were being Jesus and sharing Jesus with the people. That alone impacts eternity. Some of the impact will see here but the rest of the story will be heard one day from Jesus’ lips  as He shares exactly what He was up to when He called Cody to go on this trip.

I’m looking forward to Sunday when we take a few moments at the beginning of the service for Cody to tell us a little bit about his trip…

See “y’all” there


Don’t be late!

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