Day 25

31 day Challenge

(Proverbs 25)

It is easy to say I want to be the person that is described as 25:11-13. But I think if that is what we are going for we will miss the mark.

What the passage is encouraging us to do, is look for and listen to people whose words enlighten our path.

And its not just encouraging words we need to listen to…

it’s the negative ones as well. The ones that are spoken to “reprove” us. Challenging us to change our ways. The ones that if listened to or followed lead us to better days. (25:12)

It is easy to live our lives with the hidden personal belief that we are the only ones that should be listened too.  In reality when we approach our relationships that way we really become the ones people should flee from.  For our instruction will always be laced with a level of pride and foolishness.

We become the “hot sun that heats up the day” and “makes harvest time miserable” for all who are “under our gaze.” (25:13)

But when we live our lives searching for wisdom, and words of instruction.  Soaking in every opportunity to listen to other people who have words that are “fit” to be spoken. Words that have the best interest of all. Words that…

correct to build up and encourage to strengthen.

We find ourselves experiencing the “cool breeze” of refreshment and without realizing it we soon become part of that refreshing breeze that is so needed at “harvest time” (25:13)

and that is worth it’s weight in gold (25:11-12)

What did you see in the passage today?

One thought on “Day 25

  1. I like the wording of verse 15 from the Message Bible…patient persistence pierces through indifference ; gentle speech breaks down rigid defenses. Praying for patience & gentleness.

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