Genesis 13 is about attachment…

attachment to the things of this world.

On one side we have Lot who liked greener grass.  He chose a spot to live in that was more urban, filled with activities for Him and his family. He chose an area that gave his family opportunity to do, to be…

to live.

Abram didn’t choose, he was unattached from all the things that influenced Lot’s choice. Abram left the decision for where he should go to God…

not to reason.

One of these wound up losing His family…

the other wound up starting a Nation that would usher in the Messiah.

It is better to live in the will and blessing of God than to put your faith in opportunities and position.

This is a hard lesson to learn, and a hard principle to live by.

It’s not what benefits you that should drive your decisions… its something more. Something more eternal than that.  We miss the blessings and will of God when we choose to purse the opportunities this world has to offer. We paint a compelling picture when we say “it’s best for us” it’s best for our family” “we would be better off if we do this” its hard to argue with that and makes it tough to really see what God wants and what He thinks is best for you and your family.  When we live with a  “it’s about what benefits us.” mentality we will miss privilege of following God. We miss the privilege of being in a position He could place us in to be used mightily by Him.

“What benifits me” is destructive and no one sees the destruction until it is upon them and they find themselves enslaved to it.(Genesis 14)

But once we are over taken and in trouble the ones in our lives that are attached to God and have been unatached from the world and what it offers… show up at an opportune moment to free us from the enemy. (Genesis 14)

This is grace

This is Mercy

This is Love.

When this happens will we change our ways?

Most do not

Most go back to living the same way they did before.(Genesis 19)  In the realm of personal opportunity and the ones that saved our hides go back to living in the will and service of God.

Soon there is more trouble for us than ever before.  And not realizing how bad the environment we live in is God steps in, but just because someone prayed for us to be spared. (Genesis 18)  Who is the prayer?  Probably the one that has always stepped into rescue us so many times in our lives.  The one that loves us even though we view them as worthless.  The one that really understands that this life and its opportunities are passing away.

The one that always gives 10% to the Lord and is unattached to the 90% they could keep.(Genesis 14)  The one that believes God will take care of them and leaves it to Him to do so.  The one that finds a place He wants them to serve at and they stick with it and God uses them to make it a better place.

Lord help me to live like Abraham and keep me from pursuing a life that benefits me.

2 thoughts on “Unattached

  1. Then how do we know the difference between God calling us to move, serve, follow Him elsewhere and, as you say, looking for something better (for family or self)? Weren’t we all at one time called to the place we currently abode? Didn’t we ALL once hear the voice of God and the tug in our heart to move where He lead us? to go where He called us? And in obedience to Him weren’t we lead to our current standings and situations? So how does one know the difference? Stay or go? If the “tug” is there, for people who reverently pray to be smack dab in the middle of God’s will….should they not, well… GO if they feel lead?!

    But in the midst of the tug, knowing the destruction of leaving the current Will of God, or, the original calling of God, has created sadness to the point of heavy heartedness, and so a feeling of “this couldn’t be His Will” has been created. Thus confusion sets in. Almost a hollowness. Sickness. So, is to stay now a compromise of His Will?

    How does one know for sure?

    : ) just my thoughts, which are often times penned better than spoken and which I tend to hide for fear of being too “real” and rejected

    I appreciate you

    1. I’m not sure who you are, but here are a few things…

      1. Guilt is never a reason to stay. In fact it delays the inevitable. Guilt is really about self, never about God.

      2. We were not ALL called to the place we currently abide. (This is a huge topic might not be able to do it here) But most are like Lot and are very consumer driven when they make their choices about church. It is a rare find to have someone say… I choose this church because I feel like this is where I can serve God the best, follow Him and make a difference.

      3. We are not ALL currently where we are at because of obedience.

      4. I hate to say this here, but the tug is not reliable. There are other factors that are involved in that tug. (This is also quite the topic) Example – If I responded to the tug every time I had it, I not only would have left my current position a long time ago but I would have left it 100s of times since then. What keeps me where I’m at is God’s call. There is no doubt in my mind I am where God wants me and there is plenty of work to do for Him here at FBC (I love the church Im at and think God has brought us a very long way so this isn’t a negative commentary on FBC just incase you wanted to stop by) The reality is I’m there to serve God and He will take care of the rest.

      I know this doesn’t answer your question of how to know the difference. To really answer your question and help you beyond this I would have to know a bit more about your situation. But that would take a conversation with you and I am open to that if you are. Just let me know.

      Or just continue to pray and be sure to remove all selfishness, hurt from your prayers or anything else that might cloud your judgement. Then ask God to place you exactly where He wants you to be and ask Him to keep the devils confusion out of your life until He has you where He wants you.

      I hope this helps… Prayed for you today…

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